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    Video: Customise alerts in OS X’s Notification Center

    at 12:00pm October 29 2013

    In this week’s free video tutorial, our pals from ScreenCastsOnline show you how to customise alerts in OS X’s Notificaiton Center.

    Video: Get to grips with Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion

    at 04:23pm September 24 2013

    In this week’s free video tutorial, our pals from ScreenCastsOnline show how Notification Center works, and how to reach it whether you’re using a mouse, keyboard or a trackpad.

    Explore the Desktop and user interface changes in OS X Mountain Lion

    at 12:30pm September 17 2013

    In this free video, our friends from ScreenCastsOnline talk about important changes in OS X Mountain Lion, and some small but useful features you might have missed.

    New domain name gold rush about to start

    at 11:20am September 2 2013

    A second domain name gold rush could be about to start. While there are currently only a handful of top level domains all that is going to change with the introduction of almost 1,400 new TLDs over the next two years.

    Ultimate Mac protection

    at 09:00am May 22 2013

    Nobody wants to imagine their Mac laptop getting stolen, but it happens with alarming frequency. LoJack for Laptops can help.

    Recover your Mac in the event of theft

    at 09:00am April 24 2013
    LoJack for Laptops

    With LoJack for Laptops the odds of getting your Mac back improve by a massive 75%. Additional features include remote lock, locate and delete, so that a stranger is unable to access your personal files in the event of theft.

    NSConf report: 3 days of indie iOS and OS X developer madness, in Leicester

    at 06:44pm March 11 2013

    Leicester recently hit the news when the bones of Richard III were found under a car park there, but now it has another reason for attracting global attention – it’s the home of NSConf, the annual gathering of the UK’s independent iPhone and iPad developers.

    I use my Mac for making movies

    at 03:59pm March 7 2013

    MacFormat catches up with Richard Symons, a movie director who loves the combination of his Mac and Scrivener software. Plus, the chance to save 50% on Scrivener software!

    Office 365 for Mac launched

    at 02:54pm January 29 2013

    Office 365 now supports either Mac or Windows variations. The Office:mac product however hasn’t actually changed in terms of features, it’s just a subscription version of Office:mac 2011 plus the Office 365 benefits. One great benefit is that it works across up to five devices, including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs; and comes with extra SkyDrive storage and Skype calling — all for £79.99 for an annual subscription. To help…

    I use my Mac for Home Automation

    at 02:48pm January 15 2013

    We interview Jason Vaughan, co-founder of AV specialist Kensington Home Technology, about his love for home automation and Apple products. MacFormat: Tell us about yourself. Jason Vaughan: I’m the co-founder of AV (audio-visual) specialist Kensington Home Technology ( We provide AV solutions mainly to the top end of the residential market. We have been providing high-end solutions for the past six years and use a range of systems, such as Crestron, Control…

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