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    Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

    at 03:07pm October 3 2013

    KEY INFO Developer: Kaspersky Labs Price: £39.99 (per year); £49.99 for three computers REQUIREMENTS OS: OS X 10.6 or later Requires: 1GB RAM, 350MB hard disk space There’s always a question mark in many Mac users’ minds over whether they need to run anything to protect them from malware. What should be obvious, however, is there are lots of threats out there, and some that are specific to Mac. Kaspersky Internet Security…

    Black Pixel Kaleidoscope 2

    at 04:04pm April 2 2013

    KEY INFO Developer: Black Pixel Price: £48 SPECIFICATIONS OS: OS X 10.7.3 Requires: 64-bit processor, 21MB disk space If you have to work with different versions of files, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to handle, and will have torn your hair out trying to discover the differences between them. However, Kaleidoscope 2 aims to make the process of checking the changes a lot more straightforward. Drag two files to its…

    Koingo Software MacPilot 5.0.4

    at 11:01am March 6 2013

    KEY INFO Developer: Koingo Software Price: $19.95 (about £12) REQUIREMENTS OS X 10.6 or later Intel Mac, 36Mb disk space If you think that customising how your Mac behaves begins and ends with the System Preferences, you couldn’t be more wrong. Hidden away, there are hundreds of other options for both the system itself and every application, accessible only via commands typed in the Terminal. MacPilot allows users wanting to tweak their…

    Mac Data Recovery Guru 2.0

    at 10:21am March 6 2013

    STOP PRESS – from 20th March to 20th May, you can get 50% off Mac Data Recovery Guru. Check out our exclusive reader offer. KEY INFO Developer: MacOSXFileRecovery.com Price: £64.50 REQUIREMENTS OS X 10.6 or later Intel processor Recovering files is something every Mac user needs to do sooner or later, and Mac Data Recovery Guru 2.0 aims to make the task quick and simple. It can work with any device that…

    Kaspersky Security for Mac

    at 03:09pm October 22 2012

    KEY INFO Developer: Kaspersky Labs Price: £40 REQUIREMENTS OS X 10.6 or later, Intel processor, 512MB RAM, 350MB disk space The suite offers a range of security solutions. Kaspersky has updated its security software with a new and – it claims – improved real-time protection engine. As with the previous version, this has a low processor footprint, with Activity Monitor reporting it as using less than 3% of the processor in…

    Apple AirPort Express

    at 10:47am August 16 2012

    Sneaking out at WWDC, the junior member of Apple’s AirPort range saw some significant and much-needed improvements. Indeed, it’s now a much tougher choice between the AirPort Express and the bigger, more expensive, AirPort Extreme.

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