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    Revealed: Razer’s iOS 7 games controller and app

    at 01:58pm March 31 2014
    Razer Kazuya renders

    We’ve received images and information about Project Kazuyo, an unannounced iOS 7 games controller that’s being developed by Razer, which specialises in gaming-focussed PCs and peripherals. It will be an case-style controller, and will feature re-mappable buttons thanks to an accompanying app. Kazuyo has leaked previously, but our information shows some important changes to its design since then. As you can see from the images, Razer’s design is somewhere between…

    Is Samsung bleeding customers to Apple?

    at 05:28pm August 20 2013

    No. Well, probably not. There are some reports doing the rounds that more Samsung customers switch to Apple than the other way around (or more Android customers do, depending on which bit you read). It also says that Samsung does better than Apple with first-time smartphone buyers. It’s all based on a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners that says that 33% of people who buy an iPhone have previously…

    SnappyCam high-speed photo app – too good to be true?

    at 05:32pm August 1 2013

    SnappyCam is an app that lets you take photos at a much faster speed than the default camera app, still at full resolution. At least, that’s the claim. We figured there had to be a catch somewhere, so we took a look at the app. While SnappyCam is capable of shooting at 30 frames per second on an iPhone 4S, that’s only possible if you lower the quality from full…

    Preview: Deus Ex: The Fall – more than just a console hack

    at 01:07pm June 7 2013

    We first caught wind of a Deus Ex game coming to iOS shortly before the hands-on we attended, but going into the event, we had no idea what to expect from this big console and PC/Mac series in its first mobile foray. The iOS Mass Effect tie-in games were hugely simplified, serving more as promotion for the console games than a real experience of their own. For Fable III on…

    The MacFormat Real Racing 3 interview

    at 12:58pm February 27 2013

    The much-anticipated Real Racing 3 is out tomorrow, having been initially previewed at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event, and then delayed into the new year. This latest racing sim from developer Firemonkeys is one of the most graphically impressive games created for iOS devices so far, and features recreations of real cars and tracks to play with. More controversially, it’s moved to being a free-to-play game, unlike its predecessors, which…

    Download issue 270′s GarageBand template

    at 03:23pm February 7 2013

    Click the link below to download issue 270′s GarageBand Drummer tutorial. The .zip file contains a version of the track without drums, to follow the tutorial, and one with drums, so you can see what the final result should be like. GarageBand tutorial templates

    What will it take to make a Retina iPad mini realistic?

    at 04:53pm February 1 2013

    In the last couple of days, it’s clear that a new Apple TV model is going to be released, but that it won’t be an explicit upgrade like the last release (which introduced 1080p output). Instead, it’s just a small component shift, and reports are saying that the real purpose of the changes to make this new Apple TV model a testbed for a new Apple chip. Why does this chip need testing? Because it might just be the one that makes a Retina iPad mini possible, which got us thinking about whether what’s rumoured is actually possible.

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