20 years of Apple: Daniel Pasco

As part of the celebrations for our 20th anniversary, we asked some of our friends to tell us what Apple has meant to them over the 20 years we’ve been here to cover it. Don’t forget that as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, you can win an iPad mini by voting in our poll to select the best Apple products of the last two decades, and download our very first issue from 1993, enhanced with optional text, audio and video interviews, completely free inside our award-winning app edition!

Here’s what Daniel Pasco, CEO of Black Pixel, had to say about Apple since 1993:

“In 1993 Apple Computer lost a lawsuit against Microsoft and was preparing to license Mac OS to third parties. By 2013, they had changed the world: revolutionizing the mobile phone and digital media industries, dragging tablet computing into the next millennium, and becoming one of the most profitable companies in history.

“Adjusted for inflation, the 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15-inch is two thirds the price of the 1993 PowerBook Duo 250, but is 100 times more of a machine in every category (cpu speed, memory, battery life, screen density, etc) but weight: they are both a little over 4 pounds. Incredible.”