20 years of Apple: Tom Warren

As part of the celebrations for our 20th anniversary, we asked some of our friends to tell us what Apple has meant to them over the 20 years we’ve been here to cover it. Don’t forget that as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, you can win an iPad mini by voting in our poll to select the best Apple products of the last two decades, and download our very first issue from 1993, enhanced with optional text, audio and video interviews, completely free inside our award-winning app edition!

Tom Warren is senior editor, Europe at The Verge, is confident that Apple still has lots to offer in the next 20 years:

“Apple has changed the way we look at mobile devices. From the iPod through to the iPad, Apple has taken a concept and made it the best in class. It’s a stark change from its PC struggles in the 90s where the company almost went bust. An amazing turn around, led by Steve Jobs, has made it one of the world’s biggest companies. Despite stiff competition, I’m sure they have plenty more genre-defining technology ahead.”