Revealed: Razer’s iOS 7 games controller and app

We’ve received images and information about Project Kazuyo, an unannounced iOS 7 games controller that’s being developed by Razer, which specialises in gaming-focussed PCs and peripherals. It will be an case-style controller, and will feature re-mappable buttons thanks to an accompanying app. Kazuyo has leaked previously, but our information shows some important changes to its design since then.

As you can see from the images, Razer’s design is somewhere between the Logitech PowerShell and the MOGA Ace Power, featuring a solid shell case design with the full extended controller layout. The first image doesn’t seem to show the analogue sticks, but the other picture and the description we’ve been given suggests they’ll be there. The original leaked Kazuya images did not include analogue sticks, but we’re not surprised to see the change – few manufacturers seem keen on limited, analogue-stick layout (as used by Logitech) for controllers any more.









Razer is also creating an app to accompany its controller, which will provide a storefront for controller-enabled games, including banner promotions as well as simple listings. (We don’t think the images here also leak that Battlefield 4 is coming to iPhone – we suspect that’s just a placeholder graphic used by Razer for these mockups.)

Most interesting is the ability to remap all the controller’s buttons, which is only hinted at by the ‘Controller’ and ‘Sensitivity’ tabs here, but that is confirmed in the other information we received. Exactly how this will work from game to game – whether it will need to be supported by developers in the games, for example, or whether it’s handled in the hardware – was not detailed.

Razer had no comment at this time.

Razer’s storefront and remapping ability should help this controller to get some attention at the very least, though it will be interesting to see how a case-style controller performs after the launch of the SteelSeries Stratus and the various other wireless controllers that are imminent, including the Signal RP1, MOGA Rebel and Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i.

For more information about iOS games controllers, make sure to read our in-depth exposé of the current market in the latest issue of MacFormat (272), which includes comments from MOGA, SteelSeries, Signal and Mad Catz, detailing the development of the early controllers and looking at the wave of full-size wireless controllers that are coming next, including never-before-seen images. You can trial the MacFormat app edition for free at