I use my Mac for being a Radio 1 DJ

Graham Barlow gets the lowdown from John Kutski on how he uses his Mac for music

MacFormat: For those who don’t know, what do you do?
John Kutski: I’m a hard-dance music DJ and producer, and I also have my very own show on BBC Radio 1 on a Friday night.

MF: How are Macs involved in what you do?
JK: Macs are really at the heart of everything I do these days, from the obvious stuff such as writing music in my studio, to the more subtle things like putting together megamixes for my radio show. I’m a very heavy Mac user, with a Mac Pro in the studio and the obvious MacBook Pro that seems to accompany every musician on the road these days! I even DJ using my MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch Live software and soundcard, which enables me to play all the digital music from my iTunes library on a more traditional DJ setup of vinyl and turntables! It’s quite mind-blowing.

MF: Is Radio 1 full of Mac or Windows users?
JK: Like most major corporations, unfortunately we all have to endure the pain of clicking the Start button in offices, but when people are getting creative and reach for their laptop, the place is awash with little glowing white apples!

MF: What’s your favourite piece of Mac software?
JK: I’d have to go with Ableton’s Live software. I practically live in its environment, from writing music and doing remixes, to putting together music for my radio show, editing bad language out of tracks… I could go on forever! I even use it in conjunction with iMovie to put together YouTube videos! (Check out John’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/djkutski for videos of him DJing live – ed.) It really is a fresh modern-day approach to music-sequencing software. As mentioned, I also use Serato Scratch Live to play MP3s via traditional 12-inch vinyls.

MF: What’s been your proudest achievement to date?
JK: It has to be getting a primetime slot on BBC Radio 1. The music I play is quite underground and since the late, great John Peel passed away, the music wasn’t really represented on the station. So to be the person to pioneer this at such a high profile is something I’m very proud of!


This interview originally appeared in issue 223 of MacFormat, the UK’s best selling Apple magazine.
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