I use my Mac for make-up tutorials

We talk to make-up artist Lisa Eldridge and find out how a Mac can help you look good.

MacFormat: What about Apple kit makes you choose it for your personal and professional life?
Lisa Eldridge: Apple’s computers have always felt less about ‘using a computer’ and more about what you’re doing with it – and of course they look fabulous and are very cool!

MF: How technically involved with the production of your video tutorials are you?
LE: Very. Having worked on several series of Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger, where I had no say in the edit, I love being able to fully control every aspect of my films now. I have a make-up studio/office in my house, and thanks to improvements in technology and cost this has meant we can produce broadcast-quality HD films at a fraction of what they would have cost even two years ago. With broadband and sites such as YouTube and Vimeo serving HD video, you have an end-to-end production and distribution system that you can control every aspect of.

MF: Has your website helped you understand what women want from make-up?
LE: The interaction and feedback from our readers has been phenomenal. I get many emails and requests every day, so I get a really good insight into what women want to see and which areas of make-up they are struggling with. My followers on Twitter are a very verbal bunch!

MF: Has the iPad changed the way you work or present?
LE: My site was really designed with the iPad in mind, even though it wasn’t even available or confirmed at the time. I practically screamed when it was finally in my hands. The iPad and iPhone have really changed the pace of interaction with my visitors on the site. Getting to answer a few questions wherever I am and when I have a few minutes really keeps the site alive. It’s much more of a live discussion, rather than a load of questions, followed by answers when I’m back at home two days later. When sites such as Facebook took off, the internet became a much more twoway proposition.

MF: Does the tech industry’s profiling of women frustrate?
LE: Three out of four women rely on peer-to-peer recommendations for beauty and health products and they are increasingly getting those recommendations online from social media sites. So while women don’t come across as textbook techy types who are mainly interested in the kit, they are actively playing a huge part in the technical revolution. While techy sales assistants are busy talking to the boys, not taking women seriously, women such as Natalie Massenet are building hugely successful businesses online.

MF: You’ve worked with many celebrities and models; do you encounter much love for Apple on the red carpet and catwalk?
LE: Oh yes! The majority of the celebrities and models I work with are really big Apple fans. I regularly work with actress Keeley Hawes and we tend to spend the first half of the day catching up on each other’s new apps! ●


This interview originally appeared in issue 225 of MacFormat, the UK’s best selling Apple magazine.
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