Quick tip – remove email addresses from Mail’s auto-complete list

There’s little more irritating than typing an email address and having Mail auto-complete it with one that no longer works. Maybe it’s a contact’s old business address for a company they no longer work for, or a personal one they no longer control. Perhaps it was misspelled when you first used it, and therefore never worked. Whatever the reason, it’s really easy to get rid of it and stop it appearing as an auto-complete option.

When you start to type an address in a new message’s To field and see a dead email address offered by the auto-complete, select it. Now hover your pointer over the person’s name until you see the little triangle in the right-hand side. Click on this triangle for a list of options (as shown above), one of which is Remove from Previous Recipients List. Select this and the email will no longer be offered by the auto-complete.

If this option isn’t offered, the email address is probably stored in your Contacts application. Choose the Remove Address option to delete it.