Reader Offer: Get 10% off Otone Speakers!

Otone Audio is going places. The Manchester-based company, which launched at Gadget Show Live back in April, produces affordable 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1 speaker systems designed to get the most from your notebooks, desktop computers, smart TVs and mobile devices.

At the top of the range is the Stilo 5.1, a home theatre surround sound package that delivers finely balanced, rich, distortion-free audio, all for £170. At the other end of the portability scale, there’s the Aporto USB- or battery-powered 2.0 speaker set. It can be used in a ‘sound bar’ form factor, with the speakers connected to the central battery pod, or with the speakers detached to form a 2.0 system. It’s great if you’re going on holiday – just the thing for listening to your iPod or iOS device in a hotel room or caravan. It’s not expensive at £35 either. And there are plenty more Otone travel and home speakers to choose from, including the Varsa, which can also be used as a sound bar or 2.0 system, and the Afineo computer speakers.

With MacFormat’s exclusive special offer, Otone speakers are even more affordable, with 10% off any product bought from the company’s online store. To take advantage of this exciting offer, go to Otone’s online store and use the Redeem Code MF2012. The offer runs from 2nd October to 6th December 2012, so don’t miss it.