Reader Offer: 30% off Nuance Dragon Dictate 3

Nuance Dragon Dictate 3 is the best speech-to-text application on the Mac. Instead of typing, you can speak your words and watch them appear on the screen. By training the application to understand your voice and to recognise non-dictionary words (so, for example, it writes ‘MacFormat’ instead of ‘Mac format’), you can achieve up to 99% accuracy.

As well as converting speech to text, you can also use Dragon Dictate 3 to control your Mac, launching applications, sending emails, surfing the web and even dropping the mouse or trackpad in favour of Dragon Dictate’s MouseGrid feature. This third release adds support for digital recordings. You can record your thoughts on a digital voice recorder or an iOS device running Dragon Dictate’s free app, and convert it to text on your Mac later. You can even use your iOS device as an external microphone, using another free app.

The regular release of Nuance Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 comes bundled with a USB headset. The Wireless Edition replaces it with a Bluetooth headset, and Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 Mobile has a digital voice recorder instead. All versions are included in this exclusive MacFormat reader offer.

To get 30% off Dragon Dictate for Mac 3, Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 Mobile or Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 Wireless, just go to the Nuance store, select which version you wish to buy, and at the checkout, input the promotional code DICTATE30%. The offer ends on Saturday, 30th March, so don’t miss it.