Video: Customise alerts in OS X’s Notification Center

at 12:00pm October 29 2013

In this week’s free video tutorial, our pals from ScreenCastsOnline show you how to customise alerts in OS X’s Notificaiton Center.

How safe are you online? Take our test!

at 02:57pm October 11 2013

In the new issue of MacFormat, we show you how to how to stay safe online. “Ah, but Macs don’t get viruses”, you say, “so I don’t have to worry about security”. While it’s true there are fewer viruses for the Mac than for PCs (and essentially none for iOS), that doesn’t mean you’re safe online. The dangers of getting tricked into giving away personal information, using insecure passwords and…

Do you do something cool with a Mac?

at 11:53am October 9 2013
I Use My Mac For examples

We love finding out about people doing interesting things with their Macs – so much so that we showcase them in every issue of the magazine! If you do something cool with your Mac, let us know! One thing we find often is that people don’t think what they do is big or important enough. Let us decide that! Our favourite people are those doing something unexpected – such as…

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

at 03:07pm October 3 2013

KEY INFO Developer: Kaspersky Labs Price: £39.99 (per year); £49.99 for three computers REQUIREMENTS OS: OS X 10.6 or later Requires: 1GB RAM, 350MB hard disk space There’s always a question mark in many Mac users’ minds over whether they need to run anything to protect them from malware. What should be obvious, however, is there are lots of threats out there, and some that are specific to Mac. Kaspersky Internet Security…

Logic Pro X

at 03:01pm October 3 2013

KEY INFO Developer: Apple Price: £140 REQUIREMENTS OS: OS X 10.8.4 or later Requires: 4GB RAM, 5GB disk space (35GB for additional optional content) With Logic Pro X, Apple has narrowed the gulf between GarageBand (famously friendly) and Logic Pro (famously not). But this isn’t Logic remade as a GarageBand Pro. Thankfully, all of Logic’s familiar features remain, and all that’s missing is support for 32-bit plugins. The redesigned and simplified interface…


at 02:56pm October 3 2013

KEY INFO Developer: Realmac Software Price: £35 REQUIREMENTS OS: OS X 10.8.3 or later Requires 21.8MB of hard disk space, 64-bit processor Ember is a kind of digital scrapbooking application designed to help you keep track of all those things you might otherwise file and forget about. The application allows you to easily document and sort screengrabs, websites and images. Setup is easy and you can add browser plug-ins for Safari…

Sound Blaster EVO Zx

at 02:50pm October 3 2013

 Manufacturer: Creative Labs Price: £200 SPECIFICATIONS Drivers 40mm FullSpectrum Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm jack Frequency Response 20Hz–20kHz Battery life Up to 8 hours EVO Zx, the latest in Creative Labs’ high-quality consumer-level headset range, has a superb pedigree and a feature set to match. It’s Bluetooth, but also offers USB and 3.5mm cable connections. AptX Bluetooth codec is supported, so you can stream CD-quality music from your Mac. A…

Hazel 3.1.2

at 02:43pm October 3 2013

 Manufacturer: Noodlesoft Price: $28 (about £19) REQUIREMENTS OS: OS X 10.7+ Computers were supposed to make everything easier, but one thing they’ve not stopped is the accumulation of junk. The only difference is you now have files all over your Mac rather than on your desk. With Hazel, you can create rules and point them at folders, automating tedious tasks and freeing up time. At its most basic, Hazel is…

MacFamilyTree 7

at 02:39pm October 3 2013

 Developer: Synium Software Price: £42 SPECIFICATIONS OS: OS X 10.7.5 or later Requires: 500MB disk space MacFamilyTree has always proved rewarding yet frustrating to use, and version 7 continues in that vein. This latest iteration introduces some new and interesting features, but not all of these hit the heights of excellence in their execution. MacFamilyTree 7 opens with a slight design refresh, with the left-hand sidebar now divided into four vertical…

Urban Weather Station

at 02:32pm October 3 2013

KEY INFO Manufacturer: Netatmo Price: £140 SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: (Indoor module) 45×45×155mm (Outdoor module) 45×45×105mm Sensors: Temperature, humidity, barometer, CO2 meter, sound meter Urban Weather Station consists of two aluminium monoliths, one for inside your house, the other for outside. The battery-powered outdoor device communicates wirelessly with the indoors one, which is mains- or battery-powered. The indoors station connects to your Wi-Fi network to broadcast its data to Netatmo’s cloud service, which…

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