Developer: AgileBits Inc
Price: £17.50

OS X 10.7: Lion
64-bit processor

1Password can securely store personal and financial details as well as website log-ins.

AgileBits’ 1Password has come a long way since we last covered it in Issue 218. Its browser extensions are improved, its syncing facilities expanded and you can look at stored information in your browser, without opening the application. This latest version 3 is Lion-only, and incorporates several features from the new OS, including Full Screen and sandboxing.

It’s an excellent way to manage login details. After entering a username and a password on a website, plug-ins for Safari, Chrome and Firefox invite you to save them using 1Password. Next time you log on, you can click the 1Password button in the browser toolbar and fill them in automatically. With only the application’s master password to remember, you won’t be tempted to write down or reuse site logins. It even generates passcodes for you if you wish. 1Password can also securely store typed notes, personal and financial information for automatic form-filling and serials for purchased software. It’s beautifully designed, and almost invisible until you need it, when it’s right at your fingertips.

You can synchronise 1Password details across all your Macs using Dropbox, which is great news considering iCloud won’t sync Keychain Access information. Unfortunately, there’s no option to sync outside Dropbox, eg. on an FTP server. Also, although you can save small attachments (20MB or less), there’s no ‘vault’ to hide larger files outside the synced archive (Belight Software’s Concealer fares better here). But other than these two limitations, it’s near-perfect.


After three months with 1Password, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Excellent value for money.