Black Pixel Kaleidoscope 2

Developer: Black Pixel
Price: £48

OS: OS X 10.7.3
Requires: 64-bit processor, 21MB disk space

If you have to work with different versions of files, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to handle, and will have torn your hair out trying to discover the differences between them. However, Kaleidoscope 2 aims to make the process of checking the changes a lot more straightforward.

Drag two files to its interface, and it opens up a multi-paned window that highlights the differences. If you’re comparing documents, you will get a colour-coded view that shows up the differences between the two, and then you can merge the changes with a few clicks. Compare two images, and you can see them side-by-side, or opt for a single ‘split’ image.

You can also compare the contents of entire folders. Drag two folders to Kaleidoscope, and it highlights files that exist in one but not the other.

This is particularly handy if you store a lot of images loose in folders and want to consolidate them into a single one. It’s also useful if you have multiple online storage systems and want to merge them.

If you’re working as a developer or content creator using version control systems such as GitHub or SVN, Kaleidoscope plays nicely with them, integrating them so you can use it as the default comparison tool.


Kaleidoscope is a brilliant, powerful tool. It’s expensive, but if you’re going to use it often, it’s worth it.