EarPods with remote and mic

Manufacturer: Apple, inc
Price: From £25

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, iPod nano, iPod shuffle

Apple’s new EarPods are now the default earphones that ship with the new iPhone and iPods, but you can also buy them separately. They’re still white, but they look slightly squashed because they’ve been redesigned to ensure the maximum amount of sound is driven directly into your ear canal.

The new design makes sense: your ear holes aren’t perfectly round, yet most earbuds are. Acoustic vents let airflow in and out, resulting in improved low frequency sound, which you notice – the bass sounds really powerful. The sound is best described as ‘rich and warm’ and responds best to pumping rock and pop rather than delicate ballads. You lose the definition at the top end of the spectrum, but it makes up for it in sheer oomph at the bottom.

Design-wise, the EarPods sit somewhere between traditional earphones and in-ear solutions. While they don’t form a vacuum seal (so they’re not noise isolating) they do go deeper than traditional buds. The fit takes some getting used to and they feel a bit like they’re going to fall out every now and again, but they never seem to.

While even cheap noise isolating earphones can sound better Apple’s new EarPods are a big step up from their predecessors and compete favourably with buds at a similar price range.


EarPods are a huge improvement over the old Apple earphones, but you can still get better 3rd party units.