Developer: Realmac Software
Price: £35

OS: OS X 10.8.3 or later
Requires 21.8MB of hard disk space, 64-bit processor

Ember is a kind of digital scrapbooking application designed to help you keep track of all those things you might otherwise file and forget about. The application allows you to easily document and sort screengrabs, websites and images. Setup is easy and you can add browser plug-ins for Safari and Google Chrome to make it easier to add stuff. You can drag and drop onto the app too, and if you add iOS device screenshots the app sorts those automatically.

You can add notes and crop or rotate your images and websites, as well as add tags for easier searching and sorting as your collection grows. Grabs taken from your web browser retain their dimensions and original layout. You can drag and drop just about any image type to Ember.

Sharing or distributing images from Ember is easy, as you can use a host of services like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook as well as email and AirDrop, though iCloud support is only slated for inclusion in a later release of the app.

The design and usability of Ember is typical of Realmac, which has made some really great software over the years. It has the look and feel of an app Apple might make. Surely there’s no higher accolade. Ember works best if you keep hoarding your finds with it exclusively – there’s little point mixing how you save stuff.

This is a fantastic app, and though the price tag might put you off, it absolutely does reflect the quality of the software.


A great app that’s well designed and performs well. If you’re a digital hoarder, it’s the perfect tool for you.

Mac Choice Award