Frosthaus Sequence 1.1

Developer: Frosthaus
Price: £14

OS: OS X 10.8 or later
Requires: 64-bit processor 

Time-lapse photography might look like quite a complicated thing to do, but it’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds. And you don’t even need a video-enabled camera.

But you do need a camera that has an interval timer (some remote releases can do this), the patience to stand around for ages – hours, in some cases – shooting each sequence, and some software to turn your folder full of still images into a movie. Sequence 1.1 does this so quickly and simply that you warm to it straight away. You import your stills simply by dropping the folder onto a big import window, wait a few moments while the software renders a preview of your movie, and then watch as your time-lapse movie plays back. You can then export your movie in any of a variety of movie file formats, resolutions and frame rates, as required.

It can also tackle one of the big problems with time-lapse movies – the flicker effect caused by small changes in the camera exposure between frames. It’s a simple Yes/No checkbox, and it works really well. Sequence 1.1 does the job brilliantly, but £14 seems a bit much for such a specialised tool. You can do the same thing for free (though not quite so easily) in Google Picasa, for example.


Sequence 1.1 is effective and brilliantly simple, but it’s not that cheap for a single-purpose app.