Garagesale 6.5

Developer: iwascoding
Price: Single user $40; family licence $65


OS X 10.6or later
ebay account(s)

When it comes to ebay management tools on the Mac, it’s a two-way bidding race between Equinnux’s iSale and iwascoding’s Garagesale. However, with this latest incarnation, Garagesale may have just increased its bid to an unbeatable position.

With its slick Apple-inspired interface and stylish templates (in a Coverflow-style gallery), Garagesale integrates into the ebay ecosystem with ease and in a much more emphatic manner than its rival. Whether that’s importing your most recent auctions and mailbox of messages at install, updating your auction data with every launch of the app or simply displaying ebay pages within a window rather than launching a browser, it’s little touches like this that really make the experience more inclusive.

With both apps offering fancy templates and offline auction creation, it’s Garagesale’s listing Inspector that helps it stand out. You can edit your listings in every conceivable way and it adds a neat touch in highlighting any setting that will cost you money.

Images can be dragged and dropped into pages direct from iPhoto and edited within the app, then stored on Garagesale’s own servers (or uploaded in a resampled format to your own webspace). You can also import video via YouTube.

When creating auctions, master templates can be made with default ‘boiler plate’ text, which is essential for anyone creating multiple auctions, and listings can also be scheduled for upload at a set time using the built-in Scheduling tool. This is easier than doing it manually or using ebay’s own scheduler (which again incurs fees) as they are also error-checked to make sure they go live without a problem. The only downside is that Garagesale must be running on your Mac at the time they go live for this to work.

Once auctions are live they can be monitored via the Inspector, with information downloaded automatically. Auctions can be revised in the app, rather than via the website, and store-owners can keep track of their stock with a handy Inventory Tracker. As with all ebay auction managers, the checkout process still requires some use of the ebay website, but Garagesale includes most of this within the app. Information can be applied to auctions (such as payment received, item posted etc.) directly via the app, however as with iSale, this is not then applied to your online profile, so you still need to manage this information online.

Still, usability and attention to detail make Garagesale the auction winner, backed up by unanimous positive feedback.


The most comprehensive auction manager available for Mac, but you’ll still need the ebay website.