iPod nano

Manufacturer: Apple, inc
Price: From £129

Memory: 16GB
Display: 2.5-inch 240×432
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, Lightning connector
Features: FM Radio with 15 seconds Live pause, accelerometer, video playback
Battery life: 30 hours audio, 3.5 hours video
Includes: EarPods


Apple seems to reinvent the iPod nano yearly, almost on a whim. This new seventh edition brings back video playback (a feature that was dropped in the last version), but not the ability to record video (seen in the fifth generation). The physical shape has been changed back to a more familiar form factor, so that it can no longer be worn as a watch. This version also uses the new Lightning connector, so all your old accessories will require a £25 adapter to work.

You control the nano with a 2.5-inch multi-touch screen, which includes pinch and zoom gestures for photos. It also comes in eight colours including black and silver. At 5.4mm thick, the new nano feels almost impossibly thin and small in your hand, but it’s not flimsy. It easily stows away in a pocket, and is so light you hardly know it’s there.

The nano comes with a few apps, like Photos, Fitness (Nike + support and pedometer built-in) and Radio (there’s an FM tuner) but its home screen looks rather empty and you can’t install third-party apps. However, a big plus is the addition of Bluetooth so you can use it with wireless headphones. We still like the nano, especially since its 30-hour music playback time means it takes ages for the battery to run out. Video playback is a nice addition, but the screen just isn’t big enough to watch a movie comfortably.


Evolution, not revolution –but we’re sure a lot of these will be lurking under Christmas trees this year.