Kaspersky Security for Mac

Developer: Kaspersky Labs
Price: £40

OS X 10.6 or later, Intel processor, 512MB RAM, 350MB disk space

The suite offers a range of security solutions.

Kaspersky has updated its security software with a new and – it claims – improved real-time protection engine. As with the previous version, this has a low processor footprint, with Activity Monitor reporting it as using less than 3% of the processor in normal use. And it dealt with all the malware we threw at it, including both Mac and Windows malware. Happily, it took care of the recent Flashfake Trojan too.

The biggest new feature is the inclusion of browser-based threats, including known phishing sites and malicious code. In our tests we found it dealt well with known bad sites. Our only quibble with the browser protection was that it noticeably reduced the loading times on some pages, particularly ones with a lot of JavaScript and links. And although the plugin worked reliably on both Safari and the current version of Chrome, Chrome beta occasionally crashed, possibly indicating a compatible issue which is likely to be solved in the future.


With Mac malware beginning to appear more regularly, Kaspersky remains an excellent option for protecting your Mac.