Developer: MacAce
Price: £19, £39 and £65 years subscription prices available


OS X 10.3 or later
Internet connection

When Apple replaced MobileMe with iCloud there were some obvious omissions and functionality black holes, and the biggest for many were webhosting and iDisk functionality. Being able to quickly design and upload a website and store documents in the cloud were popular features lost when the switchover was compete.

If you’re still hankering after such features and iCloud is still not to your liking, then MacMate may well be here to help solve your problem. Much like MobileMe, MacMate provides online storage, photo galleries, calendar sharing and email all in one place

Installing and setting up the MacMate tools is very easy, as is uploading content, and the photo galleries offer the usual options. Things like uploading and updating websites aren’t quite as seamless as they were under MobileMe, but neither are they complex, we’re sure even a novice user would get the hang of things very quickly.

MacMate is a good cloud service, and its focus is entirely on the Mac. The top tier price of £65 a year isn’t too bad, but with so many competing services offering free or cheaper tools for the same job it does seem a little high. Admittedly, the MacMate advantage is that all your services are under one roof rather than disparate tools from different providers.

So, if you’re after a cloud service and have either lost faith in Apple with its shift to iCloud, or need a way to host websites quickly and easily with a host of other options, then MacMate could well be the service for you.


MacMate is a good service with useful tools, though it’s a touch expensive and many competitors are free.