Revo AXiS XS

Manufacturer: Revo Technologies Ltd
Price: £200

Drivers: 1x58mm square NXT Balanced Mode Radiator
Power: Continuous 8W (RMS)
Response: 90Hz-20kHz (-6dB)

Revo’s AXiS XS is an update to 2010’s award-winning AXiS multifunction digital radio. As before, it has DAB/DAB+ and FM radio. Connect it to your wireless network and you can stream audio from your Mac or UPnP NAS drive, and tune in to over 16,000 internet radio stations. It has two alarms, and the 30-pin Dock on top of the unit is retained. Around the back, an Aux port lets you play audio from anything with a headphone socket, and stereo RCA ports mean you can connect it to your existing stereo setup.

The new XS adds Bluetooth connectivity for streaming your sounds from an iPhone 5 or other Bluetooth-enabled Apple music player. It isn’t apt-X compatible, though, so you can’t benefit from the superior codec when streaming from your Mac. A USB port on the side lets you charge your mobile devices, and there’s a remote controller in the box.

Unfortunately it’s very limited in function, with volume and track controls available but nothing to help you navigate through menus or select a pre-stored favourite radio station at the touch of a button. With its touchscreen controls still a necessity, there’s no putting your AXiS XS on a shelf out of easy reach and controlling it using the remote, which is a bit of a shame.

Revo has a reputation for getting quality sound from relatively small devices, and the AXiS XS is no exception. Despite its single driver, its sound stage is broad and well defined. Lively treble sits atop a crisp, clear mid-range, and a bass port at the rear makes sure the lower end of the sound spectrum isn’t neglected. Unfortunately, Bluetooth-streamed audio is a little less lively, losing some of its definition. The AXiS XS is a pleasure to use too, with instinctive menus making it easy to navigate and internet stations logically grouped according to genre and location.

AXiS XS is another fine product from Revo. It looks good, has great build quality and packs in features without being unwieldy. We’d have liked apt-X and a better remote, but we’re very happy with everything else.


A versatile unit packed with features and style. A welcome update to an already excellent product.