Urban Weather Station

Manufacturer: Netatmo
Price: £140

Dimensions: (Indoor module) 45×45×155mm (Outdoor module) 45×45×105mm
Sensors: Temperature, humidity, barometer, CO2 meter, sound meter

Urban Weather Station consists of two aluminium monoliths, one for inside your house, the other for outside. The battery-powered outdoor device communicates wirelessly with the indoors one, which is mains- or battery-powered. The indoors station connects to your Wi-Fi network to broadcast its data to Netatmo’s cloud service, which can then be accessed anywhere by the iOS app, or the web service on PCs. It’s easy to set up – just download the app, connect your iOS device to the USB port on the back of the station and follow the instructions.

The app is absolutely stunning. It’s split between readings for the indoors and outdoors. A cloud represents CO2 readings, expanding and turning red if it gets too high, and a noise meter is represented as a needle on a scale, but seeing as most people don’t understand the decibel scale, it also indicates what’s a nice quiet amount, and what indicates heavy noise pollution. There’s even an indoors ‘comfort’ scale, telling you how pleasant it will be in your house, and an air quality indicator, which you can tap to see which pollutant is making it low.

All your data is collected every few minutes, and is made available in graphs, so you can see how temperatures, humidity and noise (among all the others) change over time. Although a lot of the data serves little practical purpose for most people, we loved going through it for fun. The only thing holding it back from an Editor’s Choice award is the price. If you can stretch to it, though, you won’t find anything else this well presented and useful.


Local weather data made beautiful and useful wherever you are. Surprisingly fun, too!