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With so many apps available on the App Store it’s not easy finding the best ones for your iPhone or iPad. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Each issue Tap! The iPhone and iPad magazine shows you, which are the very best new apps and games on the App Store, but we don’t stop there, we also round up the best new hardware for your iOS device each issue. It’s everything an iPad or iPhone owner needs in one handy little package!

Tap! is a truly digital magazine for the iPad and iPhone – there is no print edition.

What’s in the latest issue?

Tap Upgrade issue

107 apps showcased! Upgrade your iPhone and iPad with these turbocharged replacements for the default Apple apps, discover the best apps for nature lovers, find a budget AirPlay speaker with 5 compact speakers on test, plus all the latest apps, games and kit!

Apps reviewed this issue: Blux Camera Prop, Sprite HD, Meeting-Recorder, Let’s create! Pottery HD and more!

The latest games reviewed: Year Walk, Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption, Finding Teddy, Cyto and more!

The latest kit reviewed:Corsair Voyager Air, AQ Audio SmartSpeaker, Pure Contour 200i Air, Philips Fidelio DS3880W and more!

Plus, master the basics of your iOS device, SimCity and 13 city-building alternatives.

How can I read Tap?

We have two great digital versions of Tap! for sale. Firstly there’s our fully interactive iPad edition, created on its own unique magazine platform, each issue features video*, animations and tappable buttons. It’s as much fun exploring the rich digital magazine experience as it is reading the great content!

Our other version of Tap! is a more traditional magazine-like experience, delivered using the Zinio system. You can zoom in to text on pages and flip between pages easily, but there are no other interactive features.

Watch this video to see what to expect from our interactive iPad edition:

* Internet connection is required to view video in the app.


How do I get the Interactive edition of Tap?

Click here to download the Tap! magazine reader from the App Store for free, then you can buy individual issues or subscribe from inside that app.

A single issue costs: £2.99 / $4.99 / €3.99,

Like it? Why not subscribe, saving as much as 38%, for:
90 days: £7.99 / $11.99 / €9.99
180 days: £11.99 / $16.99 / €13.99
365 days: £19.99 / $28.99 / €22.99

(The app edition is available in other currencies too.)

Note, the interactive features are only available on the iPad – if you open Tap! interactive edition on an iPhone you’ll get the standard edition.

Can I get a free trial?

A two-issue trial is available via Apple’s Newsstand system. Click here to download the Tap! magazine reader from the App Store for free, then you can start your free trial from inside that app.

How do I get the standard edition of Tap?

If you’d like to read Tap! or iPhone or iPod touch, our Zinio edition is great; it can switch to a view optimized for these smaller screens. You can also use it to read Tap! on a desktop or mobile computer – either Mac or PC.

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