Recover your Mac in the event of theft

Every 50 seconds a laptop is stolen, yet less than 3% are recovered. LoJack® for Laptops could be the answer to your prayers…


LoJack for Laptops


If your Mac gets stolen, apps like Find My Mac can reveal your computer’s location on a map. But what do you do then? It could still be in a variety of different places (like the floor on a building, for example) and you’ll never know if the person in possession of your beloved Mac is an innocent bystander or a serious criminal.

With LoJack for Laptops the odds of getting your Mac back improve by a massive 75%. What makes it unique is that the programme’s creators, Absolute® Software, have partnered with law enforcement officers around the world, and together they have already recovered over 28,000 laptops in 96 countries. Additional features include remote lock, locate and delete, so that a stranger is unable to access your personal files in the event of theft.

The attic burglar

Take the case of Neil Barton, an insurance broker living in Bristol, as a typical example. Neil had his laptop stolen from his home along with an estimated £8,000 worth of technology, although Neil and the police could find no sign of forced entry.

Thankfully, Neil had installed Absolute Software’s laptop tracking software LoJack for Laptops, so he passed the crime number onto the Absolute Theft Recovery team, who began to monitor the laptop for signs it had been turned on. The Absolute Software recovery team discovered the thief was in fact Neil’s next door neighbour, who had drilled through Neil’s attic to burgle his house on two occasions!

Neil comments: “All of my bank details were stored on my laptop along with lots of passwords, which I didn’t want to fall into the wrong hands, so I immediately used LoJack for Laptops to lock all the data and remotely delete specific files.”

Eventually Neil was informed that the laptop had been tracked down to an individual’s address. It turned out the person in possession of the laptop had been given it as a replacement while their own was repaired. Police visited the repair shop, who confirmed that the laptop had been sold to them by an individual, whose identity was revealed upon investigation of CCTV footage.

“I was utterly amazed when it transpired that the chap in the CCTV footage was actually my next door neighbour,” said Neil. “What’s even more surprising, and rather scary, is that he had made his way into my house by tunnelling through a hole in the attic. We live in a Victorian terrace and he had used chisels and drills to get across – it’s like something out of The Great Escape!”

As Neil’s story demonstrates, it’s worth having the peace of mind that comes with knowing
your identity can’t be stolen and you’ve a better chance of getting your Mac back.

Costing just at £69.95 for three years’ cover, LoJack for Laptops is available on the Apple Store. It’s compatible with any Mac laptop or desktop (iMac, Mac mini, etc.) running OS X 10.6 or later.

LoJack for Laptops

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